Focus Fencing Document Management System

At Focus Fencing Queensland, we pride ourselves in offering a prompt and courteous service, backed by many years of experience in the stock, acreage and lifestyle (domestic) fencing business. We have experience in stock fencing going back to time spent on Bryans parents’ farm in Western Queensland, 7 years stock and domestic fencing in the United Kingdom and most recently, 7 years running our own business here on the Sunshine Coast.

We specialise in all types of high quality commercial, horse, lifestyle, dog and domestic fencing, as well as a wide range of gates. We own an excavator with auger, vibrator/compactor and post driver attachments for quick and efficient hole digging and post driving. Numerous references can be supplied should you wish to see examples of our fencing and/or speak to our customers. This site provides access to our Document Management System which enables clients to view, manage and download their Work, Health & Safety documentation.

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